domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

Why write about food science and statistics?

Why this site?? Why writing about food science and statistics?

As in many areas of science (and in many areas of life) it is necessary to analyze data to draw appropriate conclusions and recommendations. Statistics can aid in this regard, especially in food science and nutrition where there is an overabundance of raw and often misinterpreted data.

The area of food science and nutrition is not all about cultural practice and tradition, cooking, preservation methods, food analysis, food microbiology, stability of foods, etc,  but an area where analyzing data from existing databases, interviewing consumers, or developing food prototypes in controlled experimental conditions. 

Quantitative research involves the collection of relevant data and the analysis of the data. Conclusions drawn from this data will depend largely on the methods applied for their analysis and of the interpretation of the analytical output.  Food science and nutrition are interdisciplinary areas of knowledge with data collected from physical, microbial, chemical, sensory, and commercial analysis. Statistics is at the center of such data collection, data processing, data analysis, and data interpretation.

That is why a site like this is needed. A basic knowledge of statistical analysis and experimental design is more important than ever, especially when researching the relationship between food, food quality, food habits, health, nutrition, and lifestyle

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